Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is becoming increasingly popular, but also more complex. Do you want to reach as many people as possible, generate leads, or enhance your brand awareness? We help, advise, analyse, and optimise your campaigns to get the most ROI out of Facebook.

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Facebook advertising

Outsource Facebook Ads?

A wise decision! Thanks to our extensive experience with Facebook ads we achieve successful campaigns for our customers.

How do we proceed?

  1. Surveying
    First, we research your customer and the purchasing process. 
  2. Targeting
    By using data we can find out which target audiences have the most potential for your company. We target geographic location, age and interests.
  3. Building campaigns
    Depending on your possibilities we create ads and set up campaigns. We optimise campaigns based on the results.
  4. A/B Testing
    As soon as the campaigns have began we will work towards maximum value for money by applying A/B tests on target audience, post and ad level. We optimise daily based on the results. 
  5. Reporting and evaluation
    We report and evaluate the results and possible adjustments with you.

What can Prodos do for you?

Do you want to know the best way to advertise on Facebook? Get in touch with one of our social media experts. 

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