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Becoming successful online is greatly dependent on a properly functioning website. A good website makes life easier. Our developers are experts when it comes to building websites and make sure all adjustments and optimisations can be implemented at all times.

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Worpress website

This is how we make your website successful

We build professional websites in WordPress that meet the requirements of the company, but the website is mostly geared towards the wishes and needs of the customers.

WordPress is a highly flexible content management systeem. Many different functionalities are possible, and the website is very easy to manage after its launch. 

When we develop your website, we ensure its findability in search engines.

Our websites are tailor made, scalable, suitable for long term use, and personal.

How do we proceed?

  1. Surveying
    During the first phase, we discuss your wishes and needs. What do you wish to accomplish? Who are your customers? During this phase, we gather as much information as possible.

    After that, we develop an idea that suits your vision. You can view the concept as a graphic design that we discuss together.
  2. Functioneel design
    As stated before, a website should not only please the eye, but also function excellently. A website should be user friendly. A visitor must be able to find its way with ease and be able to quickly access information without getting lost.

    During the functional design phase we make a visual draft of the different pages that the website will contain and which elements will be present on those pages. Using wireframes, which are essentially blueprints, we make a diagrammatic overview of the website’s structure and construction. This way, there we be no misunderstandings and you as a customer know exactly where you stand!
  3. Visueel design
    When you have approved the proposed structure and construction, we will start on the design. Shape and functionality come together with a distinctive look and feel, while still conforming to your organisation’s identity. Just as with the functional design, we keep conversion in mind while we design your new online store.
  4. Construction online store
    The last step we take is the construction of an online store that is both geared towards conversion and fully responsive. During this phase you are at all times fully informed about the progress. We establish a development area and give you access to it. When the online store is finished, we will subject it to rigorous testing. That way, your store can go live without running into any issues.   


During launch you can give feedback. Feedback is necessary for optimisation. Only then can we release something that both parties are proud of.

What can Prodos do for you?

Would you like a professional WordPress shop that matches your business and is focused on the wishes and needs of your customers? Then contact one of our experts.

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